Live Review: Kevin Smith at Centerstage Atlanta 06/13/24

Review by Navin Johnson

On June 13, everybody’s favorite vulgar yet endearing filmmaker Kevin Smith held an engaging Q&A session at Atlanta’s Center Stage. Smith took the stage and reminded the audience that his Q&A sessions tend to be less Q and more A. True to his word he only managed to field questions from about half a dozen people and yet he spoke for over two and a half hours, offering the crowd behind the scenes insights regarding his creative process, his experience as a filmmaker in Hollywood, and anecdotes about the people he has worked with through the years.

With each question, Smith responded with trademark wit and insight, spinning his answers into captivating narratives that held the crowd enthralled throughout the event. At times he got emotional – moved to tears in one touching moment as one attendee shared a story of his childhood friend who had passed away far too young, but nonetheless inspired by Smith’s work. There was not a dry eye in the house. For the aspiring filmmakers and other artists in attendance, Smith offered encouragement – imploring creatives to stay true to their art and dedicated to the story they wish to tell. He also reminded the audience that if you wish to succeed you must be steadfast and determined because “nobody is coming to rescue you”. Sage advice from a man who grew up “lower, lower middle class” far from Hollywood with zero connections yet through sheer luck and determination managed to achieve his level of success as a filmmaker.

Smith’s presence at Center Stage not only entertained but also inspired aspiring filmmakers and fans alike, showcasing his deep connection with his audience. As the session drew to a close, the atmosphere remained charged with enthusiasm, testament to Smith’s enduring appeal and the profound impact of his cinematic journey. The event not only offered a glimpse into the inner workings of filmmaking but also underscored the power of storytelling to forge meaningful connections between creators and their audience.


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