Live Review & Picture Book: LEAGUES & Kopecky Family Band-The Basement 3/4/13

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Review by Molly Free, Photos by Taylor Magill

To wind down after a Monday, I headed over to East Atlanta Village to the cozy underground venue of Graveyard’s The Basement to check out an awesome evening of Nashville music featuring Kopecky Family Band and LEAGUES, brought to you by Bowe Inc.

I have to admit I was already a huge fan of LEAGUES before Monday night. Once I heard their sexy tune “Magic” I was hooked. The band kicked off the intimate show with their newest and very catchy single “Spotlight”. Lead singer, Thad Crockwell was on a mission to get the crowd up on their feet, and mission accomplished within seconds. The band filled The Basement with contagious energy that continued through out the whole set. The highlight for me was during the amazing introductory melody created by guitarist Tyler Burkum and drummer Jeremy Lutito that builds a sense of anticipation into “Magic” you can’t help but bounce up and down awaiting that song to start. These Nashville dudes were incredibly down to earth and kicked off a great set of Monday night music. Their album You Belong Here is out now.

The infectious energy didn’t stop after LEAGUES’ set, Kopecky Family Band took the stage with their wide arrangement of instruments. The band isn’t related but family by circumstance as they are all close friends, forming an amazing group of musically inclined individuals. There wasn’t an instrument you didn’t see being utilized in their set ranging from tambourines, keyboards, and even horns. Yes horns. The family moves as a unit on stage swapping instruments with ease and creating an adventurous energy on stage. The highlights for me were “Wandering Eyes” and beautiful tune “Waves”. Kopecky’s newest album Kids Raising Kids is out now.

Last but not lease I have to shout-out to opener, Evan P Donahue and his amazing song “Felix” everyone should get familiar with yet another great talent hailing from the city of music. All in all, yet another great Atlanta night filled with talent and music from Bowe Inc.


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