Live Tunes on Thursday 5/29

Uh Huh Her

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The weekend is creeping up on us and what better what to ring it in than with a few great Thursday concerts?

Uh Huh Her @ The Loft

Where most new bands play their first gig in front of a handful of people, HAILEY and GREY debuted to a packed house of industry heads, critics and fans, many of whom might have been more familiar with HAILEY’s character “Alice” on The L Word than they were with her role in ’90s indie duo The Murmurs. For GREY, it was her first group project since a tenure with the lo-fi indie outfit Mellowdrone. There was no shortage of hype, and even though their backing band consisted of one iPod, they delivered the goods in spades. In February 2014, Uh Huh Her released their third full-length album Future Souls.

Tickets are $15. Doors open at 7pm. Online and phone sales end at 6pm.




Grant-Lee Phillips @ Eddie’s Attic

Walking in the Green Corn is the newest album by Grant-Lee Phillips. It’s ten songs are drawn from Phillips’ intensive investigations into his native lineage. Phillips, who is Muskogee (Creek), elliptically explores the intersection of past and present, personal and political. While the songs delve deeply into the subconscious mystery of his own back-story, they simultaneously reveal the resonance and insight of ancient myth in parallel to contemporary man’s emotions, actions, and errors. Composed in a concentrated burst over the course of a few winter months, Walking in the Green Corn came about almost too quickly to censor—the unfiltered sum of years of rumination and discovery.

Tickets are $23 at the door. Table seats are $22.50 and must be purchased in multiples of 4. Doors open at 6:30 pm. Online and phone sales close at 5pm.




Turbo Fruits + Tesla Rossa + Leopold and His Fiction @ Vinyl

Clearly, the Turbo Fruits are not athletes. They are, however, a rock n roll band and one that could likely take your state rock & roll champion to the mat in less time than it takes to cue up a record. What the Nashville, Tennessee quartet lack in physical adeptness they make up for in wild abandon and unfettered debauchery; in buzzsaw guitars and pummeling, primal rhythms. And they STILL look good in a unitard and head gear. Okay, that might not be true – we haven’t tested that theory yet, there wasn’t quite enough beer, there may never be enough beer – but they are definitely one of the most visceral rock groups in America, as is evidenced on their new album Butter.

Tickets are $10. Doors open at 8pm. Online and phone sales close at 6pm.




Onchi w/ Starfighter @ The EARL

Onchi is a punk rock band from our very own backyard. They first appeared on the Atlanta scene in 2013 from seemingly out of nowhere and have been steadily killing it at all their live shows and winning over audiences ever since. The sound of their music comes from 1 guitar (rhythm), 2 keyboards (bass and lead), and a cacophony of drums and cymbals being pulverized, as well as vocoder infused vocals.

Tickets are $5. Doors are at 8:30pm. Online and phone sales close at 6pm.




Will Hill Presents: IDLE (Release Party) @ Smith’s Olde Bar

Will Hill’s versatile style can fit to any beat and tempo of music. He prides himself on his various rhythmic flows, adaptable musical beats, and lyrical content. In May 2011, he released his debut mixtape, “Simplistic Greatness”. Since then he has been consistent with releases such as W.H. and DopeHead as well as performances alongside acts such as A$AP Rocky, Two9, Translee, RollsRoyceRizzy, etc. Will’s most recent project Ramadan, has been his most successful project to date with placements on every mixtape hosting site and daily growing download numbers.

Tickets are $12. Doors open at 8pm. Online and phone sales close at 2pm.




Invisible Things (feat. Mark Shippy of U.S. Maple) & Martin Bisi @ 529

The new Invisible Things album, Time As One Axis, was recorded by Martin Bisi (Swans, Sonic Youth, Herbie Hancock) at BC Studios in Brooklyn, New York, and is due out later this year. The album mixes noise rock and improv but is more song-oriented, marking the bands’ shift from an infrequent, experimental duo to a working band.

Tickets are $7. Doors open at 9pm. Online, phone, and outlet sales close at 6pm.




Leon Redbone Record Release Tour @ Eddie’s Attic

** Unfortunately, due to health issues, Leon will no longer be playing this show. Refunds will be available through the point of purchase. For more information, please call 877.725.8849. **




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