Local Artist Spotlight: Pls Pls Playing @ The Drunken Unicorn 11/13

Pls Pls

Pls Pls (pronounced Please Please) is headed up by longtime Atlanta musician Dan Dixon, a renowned songwriter in his own right and frontman for his previous band, Dropsonic. They recently headlined the notorious Atlanta legacy known as CordogOrama on Saturday, Nov. 8, and will be opening for The Life And Times at The Drunken Unicorn tomorrow night.

After Dropsonic disbanded a few years back, Dixon started on a new electronic rock project to fulfill his creative desires. What resulted is Pls Pls, now comprised of Dixon as lead singer, Derek Murphy on drums, Mike Boutte on guitar, Andre Griffin on keys, and former Dropsonic member, Dave Chase, on bass.

In 2012 they released a 5 song EP cleverly titled EP EP, which certainly was no EP to scoff at. In fact, its songs were compared to the likes of The Smiths, Wilco, Radiohead and Led Zeppelin, to name a few. As far as indie music standards go, the EP was an artistic and commercial success.

The band’s first full length, aptly titled LP LP, is a well-rounded collection of 10 tracks that take the many sounds of EP EP to an even greater level. Each song features a hypnotic blend of 80’s dance beats, 70’s rock-synth and an indie-pop vibe in its own unique way. The entire album is definitely worth a listen, and if you’re free and up to it, certainly worth checking out at The Drunken Unicorn tomorrow night!

Tickets are $8. Show is at 9pm.



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