Meet the AMG Photographers – Ashton Garner

  1. Name – Ashton Garner
  2. How long you been shootin photos – almost 6 years!
  3. Top 3 Favorite Bands that you will love forever – The Maine, The Killers, Panic! At the Disco
  4. The one thing in your camera bag that you take to every show – (camera related) A crystal that broke off of an ornament. I couldn’t find the other piece I needed to repair it, so I put it in my bag and use it to make cool effects on my photos! (non-camera related) Baby food pouches. I stock up on them and bring a couple to every show so I have something quick and healthy to eat in case I need a snack.
  5. Craziest thing a band/fan ever did while you were photoing a show – I’ve seen a lot of things so it’s hard to remember them all, but the most recent thing I saw was when I was photographing The Maine. They like to joke around and do weird stuff, and John (singer) gave a cowboy hat to a guy in the audience and told everyone around him to spread out and sit down so he and his girlfriend could dance.
  6. Best Advice to Give to Other Photographers – Be nice and respectful to other people working at shows, but stand your ground if you need to. You’ll learn pretty quickly who you do and don’t want to associate yourself with. Some people walk around with a god complex, but there are so so many good and kind people in the music industry who are genuinely willing to help you.

Top Ten Photos of 2019


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