Meet the AMG Photographers – Matt Delaney

  1. Name – Matt Delaney
  2. How long you been shootin photos – I have been shooting photos since 2017
  3. Top 3 Favorite Bands that you will love forever – Jinjer, In This Moment, Iron Maiden
  4. The one thing in your camera bag that you take to every show – My Georgia Southern hat. I never shoot without it!
  5. Craziest thing a band/fan ever did while you were photoing a show – While I was in the pit for the Citizen Cope show at the Buckhead Theatre, a girl asked me to come closer and she kissed me. 
  1. Best Advice to Give to Other Photographers – be polite and introduce yourself to security and other photographers. Youll be surprised at how many times youll see the same people. It goes a long way to have a good attitude. 

Top Ten Photos of 2019


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