Meet the AMG Photographers – Mike White

  1. Name – Mike White
  2. How long you been shootin photos – About 14 years with a DSLR (16 if you count the point and shoot days)
  3. Top 3 Favorite Bands that you will love forever –Nine Inch Nails, Oingo Boingo, Depeche Mode
  4. The one thing in your camera bag that you take to every show – Besides my camera? Earplugs.
  5. Craziest thing a band/fan ever did while you were photoing a show – It’s hard to pick one, and my memory isn’t the best, but are three that come to mind out:
  • Man or Astroman? invite kids to come up at the end of their set  and play their instruments, including Coco’s daughter.
  • FLOOR reunited and played three sets at The Earl, each set included the lineup from that era of the band. 
  • The  St Pius X High School drumline joined Helmet onstage to perform “Unsung” at The Masquerade
  1. Best Advice to Give to Other Photographers – Don’t be a dick, shoot a lot, and bring earplugs.

Top Ten Photos of 2019


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