Meet the AMG Photographers – Will Goicochea

  1. Name: Will Goicochea
  2. How long you been shootin photos: 6 years
  3. Top 3 Favorite Bands that you will love forever: Green Day, The Muffs, Pixies
  4. The one thing in your camera bag that you take to every show: A wide angle lens to capture the crowd from the pit (if possible)
  5. Craziest thing a band/fan ever did while you were photoing a show: Idles at the Masquerade last year (2018): Near the end of the set, fans got on stage while the band crowd surfed and handed their instruments to the crowd.
  6. Best Advice to Give to Other Photographers: It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Just keep on shooting!

Top Ten Photos of 2019


Instagram: @willcallphotography


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