Metal Blade Records: 6 bands in 60 seconds

If you’re looking for something new in the metal genre, Metal Blade Records wants to introduce you to six bands in 60 seconds.

CEO Brian Slagel spotlights six developing artists from the label’s roster. With plans to select six new bands once every three months, the goal of the promotion is to help fans discover new music from some of the most promising acts in the scene.

The first installment of the series features Act of Defiance, Rivers of Nihil, Twitching Tongues, Culture Killer, Visigoth, and Harlott)


“We are super excited about our new artists and wanted to help share these to you guys,” Slagel said. “We thought about giving you six new bands you should know about, so here you have those bands. We will be updating this as time goes on with new bands coming in, so be sure to keep following the Metal Blade ‘6 Bands You Need To Know.’ Let’s keep growing the metal scene!”


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