Moon Taxi explores the nature of human bonds, plays Tabernacle Nov. 28

moon taxi

Moon Taxi band members have been doing more than touring. They’ve been talking to each other, sharing personal experiences and opening up about relationships.

After spending hours on the road in support of Moon Taxi’s sophomore release, Mountain Beaches Cities (2013), the band members became increasingly aware of how powerful the human bond can be. The realization coupled with shared songwriting duties makes the third release, Daybreaker, allows Moon Taxi fans to relate more than ever.

Moon Taxi released the music video for “Year Zero” Nov. 2 and the song, among the 10 others on Daybreaker, offers a more mature and complex sound.

Daybreaker is “hands down the band’s favorite album so far,” the band said.

Atlantans get a chance Nov. 28 to hear Moon Taxi live at Tabernacle and experience the bond between the band members and the fans.

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