Pavement Coming to Atlanta’s Tabernacle September 26

Keep calm, all you elder indie kids, the rumors are true: Legendary indie act Pavement has extended their U.S. tour to reach us down in Atlanta for a gig at The Tabernacle on September 26. Tickets go on sale on March 5 at Live Nation. Here’s one of our favorite videos from the band, to get you even more giddy.


  1. Holy cow! I am so excited. I haven’t seen Pavement since at the Roxy back in 98. I am so glad that they are coming to Atlanta and I can see them in the confines of The Tabernacle instead of at some festival where I couldn’t even enjoy the music. See you all there!!!

  2. Does anyone have an extra ticket to this show? More like face value, not upwards 100 bucks?

  3. Awesome… Hey Mar10, I think we went to that one together… This time no wnynepn drama, allright!

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