Picture Book and Review: The Quaildogs & Sol Junky @ The Loft – September 7, 2012

Photos and Review by Chandler Mays

The Quaildogs turned up the heat for their EP release party last Friday at The Loft. Starting off with a bang, the night began with a lively boot-stomping set by Sol Junky, who delivered country rock jams with inspiring harmonies and guitar solos reminiscent of The Allman Brothers, although perhaps it only seemed that way because the lead guitarist looked like Greg Allman. The lead singer also schooled us on the wonderful sounds that can be produced with two drum sticks and an empty keg barrel. The crowd was thoroughly energized by the end of Sol Junky’s set, ready for more jiggin’ and PBR-swiggin’.
In the vein of Deer Tick and Dawes, The Quaildogs play infectious folk-rock songs with a slight country edge. The lead singer has a unique voice that sounds similar to Neil Young, and not only did the electric mandolin player rock hard, he had a killer mustache that compares to such greats as Frank Zappa, Tom Selleck, or Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation. Filling out the rest The Quaildogs were the impassioned lead guitarist, an all-smiles bassist with a MARTA trucker hat, a lanky fiddle player that loved to jump, and the drummer. They enthusiastically jammed through their new EP, “The Fall”, as well as returned to a handful of oldies. I was also pleasantly surprised when they played a lightning fast hoedown rendition of Come Together, which sent everyone into a frenzy.
The crowd was always pleased, swaying around drunk, leaning on each other for support, and singing along to the great tunes. I truly enjoyed the Quaildogs, and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a rocking good time.

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