Live Review & Picture Book: Donna Hopkins, BJ Willbanks, Carli Gibson & Copious Jones @ Smith’s Olde Bar June 21st


By Codi Glancy

One of the best things about live music is the feeling of unity between the crowd and the band. For one night, you get to be a part of something that inspires you and lifts your spirits in a way that just listening to the music can’t do. Copious Jones is one of those bands whose stage presence allows fans to feel like they are part of the band. The Atlanta based six piece has spent the past few years building up a reputation of being a fun and relaxing time for their audiences.

Last night, Copious Jones played a show of a lifetime at Smith’s Olde Bar. The celebration featured a large collection of their closest friends and “family” and they kept it comfortable and easy going. Singer-songwriters Donna Hopkins, Carly Gibson, B.J. Wilbanks and Julia Latimer were also there to support the band by playing one song at a time and then collaborating with one another on certain songs. One of the best parts about the night was that there was no specific set time for any of the acts. All of the musicians traded guitars and spots at the mikes throughout the whole night, keeping the music constant.

Copious was clearly the main attraction for the night. The crowd would rant and rave when the full band stepped onto stage. What’s interesting about Copious Jones is that they don’t really fit into a distinct genre. They’re a little bit country, a little bit blue grass, with a hint of soul, maybe some reggae, definitely some rock, and a lot of just jammin’ with each other. The supporters of the group loved and enjoyed every song and interpretive dancers made their way to the front of the stage while the band performed. The full band would leave the stage for some songs and the guitar players would be joined by Donna and some of the other singers, allowing for a more intimate setting. Afterwards, it would go right back into the full band jam, making everybody dance!

If you’re interested in a fun time and turning strangers into good, then make sure you check out a Copious Jones show the next time they play. Everyone is welcome and it’s a great time!


Photos by “Hieu Nguyen”
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