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Picture Book & Live Review: Jessie Ware @ The Loft October 22nd

Jessie WarePhotos by: CatMax Photography, LLC

Jessie Ware made her very first stop ever in Atlanta on October 22 at The Loft at Center Stage and if you were at the show you know this won’t be her last. This woman can sing and she knows how to entertain her fans. When I arrived the crowd was already half way back in the room. Jessie’s album Devotion was released in August 2012 and was said to be one of the best albums of 2012 by Idolator.

As she performed the songs from her first album she would stop and talk about the songs and what they meant to her. I found this to be interesting because the lyrics had meant something totally different to me for the past year, but I loved hearing how they came about for her. For example, “Wildest Moments” was a song about her best friend, but to me it has always represented a relationship that I was once in. It was nice to listen to the song in a different light. The other song she spoke about was “Taking In Water”. This song is about a time in her life when she was frustrated with her brother. During her performance you could tell there was a lot of emotion behind “Taking in Water”. Her singing voice is so soft and sensual and then when she talks you hear that thick British accent. I really enjoyed her show and walked out a bigger fan then when I walked into the venue and I honestly didn’t think that was even possible.


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