Q & A: Puddles Pity Party Playing Smith’s Olde Bar on 7/16


A Puddles Pity Party show is more than a live concert – it’s a musical spectacle. Puddles The Clown, who some know as Michael Geier, is the creative genius behind Puddles Pity Party. Don’t be fooled by Geier’s theatrical makeup and colorful wardrobe, he’s got a set of pipes that are truly impressive. Last year, Puddles The Clown earned quite a bit of Internet notoriety after his YouTube cover of Lorde’s “Royals” went viral and received millions of views. Even though Puddles Pity Party is known all over, they’re actually based right here in our fair city and will be playing at Smith’s Olde Bar on Wednesday, July 16th. Recently, Puddles the Clown of Puddles Pity Party took some time to chat with Atlanta Music Guide and we must admit, it was an interview quite unlike any other we’ve experienced here at AMG. Read on to find out more about the rather curious adventures of Puddles the Clown.


AMG: Who is Puddles The Clown? And where did the inspiration come from for the character behind Puddles Pity Party?

Puddles The Clown: I am the mileage on my shoes.  When I go to a restaurant I like to sit with my back to the wall,  because I don’t like characters behind me.  I call it the “Billy The Kid” seat.  


AMG: Who are you musical influences? What kind of musical background did you grow up on?

PTC: Dolphins, orchard wassailers, and slurpers of soup and/or hot coffee.  I grew up listening to lots of patriotic marches and any holiday music.


AMG: At what point did you realize that you were really onto something? When did the ball really start rolling for Puddles Pity Party?

PTC: One day I was busking on the steps of a big museum in a major U.S city. A large line of people had formed to enter the museum. The museum called the police and they made me move along. 


AMG: Your covers of songs have earned you quite a bit of notoriety on the Internet. How do you choose which songs you’ll cover?

PTC: Cover songs are like girl friends.  They choose you.  You don’t choose them. 


AMG: Your cover of Lorde’s “Royals” on YouTube has nearly 8 million views. How has life changed for you since you’ve gone viral?

PTC: That viral thing is pretty scary. I drink lots of fluids, get a good night’s sleep and wash my hands. Wash those hands!  


AMG: What is the strangest thing a fan has done for you? Or at your show?

PTC: A couple of fellas in Los Angeles showed me the proper way to eat a slice of pizza. I was doing it all wrong. I didn’t even know they had pizza there.  


AMG: Outside of music, what are you passionate about?

PTC: MonkeyZuma. She’s half girl, half monkey-girl. Sweet Georgie. He’s all dog. And last but not least, Kevin Costner. He’s a true Renaissance man.   


AMG: You have thousands of fans across the country and all over the world, yet you stay in Atlanta. What is it about this city that you love?

PTC: I love how close Atlanta is to the sea.  


AMG: Where are your favorite places to perform in Atlanta?

PTC: Kroger in Hog Mountain, Sharky’s Machine, and CNN en Espanol. Not necessarily in that order. 




Check out Puddles the Clown’s rendition of Lorde’s “Royals.”




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