Q&A with Christina Perri; Playing The Loft, July 25

By Eileen Tilson

I love people from Philadelphia. I am probably biased since my family lives there, and I spent a vast majority of my life running around Philly eating Rita’s Italian water ice. There is just something about Philly folks that always makes me feel like I am at home. Thus it is of no surprise to me that Christina Perri is from the City of Brotherly Love. With her whirlwind success after her hit song “Jar of  Hearts”  charted in the United States after it was featured on the Fox television show So You Think You Can Dance  in 2010, Christina Perri could have very easily became a diva, but she remains just as cool as ever.

Your life seems to have done a 180 in the past couple of years, were you prepared for such immediate success?

My life completely changed overnight. I was not prepared, but I don’t think anyone ever is. No one can say, “Hey! In two years you’re going to play on Jay Leno!” I wouldn’t have believed anyone if they told me some of the things I did this year! I have a feeling I have no idea whats coming in the future. That’s the beauty of it all. What I do know, is I’m grateful for it!

As a tattooed girl myself, I know how personal they can be; do you have a favorite piece, and what is its meaning?

Yay tattoos! I do have favorites. Right now, its my chest piece. I’ve wanted a tattoo there since I moved to L.A. and so many people are walking down the street rocking them, but I never knew what I would want to look at every since day on my chest and never get sick of. But I figured it out. “La mia familgia”-” My family” Forever on my heart!

You left the University of the Arts to go travel Italy, do you feel like that experience shaped you into the person you are now?

I feel like every single day and every single high, low, love, loss moment has shaped me into this version of me. I remember flying to Italy alone and wondering what I would do and what it would be like. Which is kinda awesome and courageous, so I think I learned what courage was on that day. Yhen every day since has taught me everything I know, which I think is not a lot and I look forward to learning more everyday!

What has been your biggest “just pinch me” moment? Anything that has happened where you literally could not believe it was happening?

Oh man, there are actually lots of ’em. seriously. I think playing my song “Bluebird” in London with Jason Mraz just for fun with his band, looking over and Mraz was playing guitar while I was playing piano. Since he’s been my fave singer-songwriter for eight years, I stopped breathing. Also, playing Leno and Conan and Ellen and Kimmel… but I pinch myself the same way when a little girl writes to me that her heart feels better after hearing “Jar of Hearts.” That stuff is just bananas! Every day has blown my mind in some capacity.

With your whirlwind life, what inspires you? What grounds you?

My family and doing something for someone else. It’s really easy to get self centered and selfish in this business when your job revolves around you, so there is nothing I love doing more then showing up for someone anywhere, anytime if they need me. It keeps me grateful.

I’m a Philly girl myself! How do you take your cheesesteak?

Oh damn! My favorite is Steve Steaks on Cottman and Comly. I get an American, Wiz.

Who was the first person you ever played for? What was the name of your first song and what was it about?

The first person I ever played for was my big brother, I was 15 years old and while he was on tour I taught myself how to play guitar, but I only knew four chords so I wrote a song. When he came home to visit I showed him what I could do and he freaked out and said to keep going! The song was called “The Perfect Man,” and then he cheated on me and I wrote my 2nd song called “Tragedy.”

What’s coming up for you? Anything exciting (besides the tour!) that you want to share with us?

I’m very excited to hang out and play for everyone who’s supporting me! What a rad life!

Christina Perri is playing The Loft with Honeyhoney, July 25.


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