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Sam Thacker

Sam Thacker’s latest full-length album, Lines, is a great display of why Atlanta is known as one of the strongest music cities for up and coming singer/ songwriters. Thacker combines the excepted folk and country guitar riffs with an unexpected rock edge. Thacker mentions on the album’s packaging that most of Lines’ inspiration came from his travels and time on the road; the album encapsulates that beautifully. Each track flows into the next and the entire album is supported by a strong traveling beat. It is this travel theme that makes Thacker’s album laid back and inviting. Not only do his collaborations with some of Atlanta’s best- Aslyn and Corey Smith– provide several of the album’s catchiest choruses, but these “guests” blend into the album as if new friends Thacker found on his journey.

All twelve tracks on the album are enjoyable and well produced; however, there are some impressive choices Thacker made in his recording and orchestration that veer from the typical mainstream “indie-rock” formula. Lines’ opening track “Yes” starts off as a slow, acoustical guitar track, which showcases Thacker’s clear voice, but quickly accelerates the tempo and kicks in with a full band backing, adding an edgier tone to what first appeared to be an introspective tune. Also on “Don’t Leave Here Tonight,” Thacker chooses to keep the intensity high. Although such lyrics as “Drop your bags, but leave them packed/ You don’t need to stay, but don’t leave like that” seem more fitting for a ballad, they play well with the full band and Thacker’s strong vocals; making it one the most memorable on the album. In summarizing his album, Thacker says “It is about the lines that bring us to where we are and the lines that lead will us to what we will become.” After listening to this record, Thacker’s lines are leading him to a very bright future.

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