Show Preview and Interview: Celebracion — A Benefit for Megan Lillie & Scott Nesbit at The EARL Tuesday, May 5 (Cinco de Mayo)


By Scott Roberts

the most effective way to deal with an unfortunate situation is to figure out a
way to turn the adversity into a party! That’s exactly what Criminal Records’
Kerri Boles has done with the upcoming Celebracion benefit to be held at The
EARL on May 5.

 “This benefit is for Megan Lillie, a
former co-worker of ours here at Criminal,” explains Boles, “and her husband
Scott Nesbit. Scott just underwent an emergency eye surgery [hence the clever
subtitle Cinco de M.Eye.O on the
posters]. At the same time, Megan's mom was undergoing treatment for a massive
brain tumor.”

Boles continues, “Megan was out of work
for at least a month taking care of her mom, who suddenly passed away the same
weekend as Scott's surgery. Scott didn't have health insurance so now they are
stuck with this hospital bill and only one income, not to mention all the money
they spent on flying to

Connecticut to take care of Megan's mom.”

Thus Celebracion was born, a full-blown
event featuring music from local favorites Club Awesome, Anna Kramer & The
Lost Cause
, and Vegan Coke, along with an art auction, and tons of giveaways
from popular merchants such as The Local, The Brick Store, Alternative Apparel,
and, of course, Criminal Records.

We love Megan and Scott,” says rocker
Kramer, “so when we heard that they had fallen upon very hard times, naturally,
we were pleased that we could offer our musical services!”

Anything else we can add, Ms. Boles, to induce people to come down and
help support the cause? “Piñatas. There will
definitely be some piñatas.” And what “celebracion” would be complete without those?

are $8 (available here) for Celebracion: A Benefit for Megan Lillie & Scott Nesbit at The
EARL Tuesday, May 5 at 8:30 p.m. If you’d like more info or would like to
donate, contact organizer Kerri Boles at [email protected]


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