Show Preview: Datsik @ Opera Nightclub 2/13


The realm of EDM is a large one and vastly growing, requiring DJ’s to be truly unique and creative to stand out. For Canadian DJ and producer Datsik, this is far from an issue. With a wide range of musical interests and a background in hip-hop, his music has evolved into a sound he describes as “dark and robotic” while being “funky, gangster and dirty.”

After becoming good friends with Excision in 2008, the two began collaborating and released several tracks together. In spring of 2009, he released his first single, quickly catching attention of producers and EDM fans. In the year of 2009, he had 10 number one releases on Beatport. Since then he has hit venues all over the world, and has been featured in top music festivals including Coachella, Ultra Music Festival, EDC Las Vegas, and more. In 2012 he founded his own label Firepower Records, signing artists like Diamond Pistols, Antiserum and Konec.

Datsik marked the start of his NINJA NATION tour in late January 2015 after releasing his album ‘Let it Burn’ in late September 2014 and his ‘Down 4 My Ninjas’ EP in late November. At his shows you can expect to hear everything from the desirables like “Juicebox” and “Automatik” as well as hip-hop classics like Snoop Dogg’s “Smoke Weed Everyday.” Datsik loves to stage dive, so make sure you get up front!

Catch Datsik @ Opera Nightclub 2/13.
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