Show Preview: Peter Murphy @ Terminal West 8/7


He’s been called the Godfather of Goth and rightfully so. Peter Murphy is best known for his storied work as frontman and vocalist for legendary Goth rock band Bauhaus. These days he acts as a solo musician and painter, still a force no less powerful.

In 1979, Bauhaus’ first single, “Bela Lugosi’s Dead”, was considered the first gothic record to be released and from there, the beginning of an era. When Bauhaus disbanded in 1983, Murphy left behind the world he had created and went in search of unknown creative terrain upon which to rebuild. In a sign of his lasting brilliance, he forged the great pop anthem “Cuts You Up” in 1990, which sat atop the Billboard Modern Rock charts longer than any other number one hit that year.

Peter Murphy’s unparalleled cellar-door voice has permeated and inspired generations of music, fashion, and lifestyles, and in the countless culture wars over the last three and a half decades, he sits on the dark throne. Artists and fans continue to inherit, reinterpret, and entrust his influence. We’re so excited to have him here in Atlanta!

Murphy descends upon Terminal West with My Jerusalem this Thursday 8/7 . You can find more information and tickets here.


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