CD Review: Erin McKeown — Manifestra

Erin McKeown Manifestra TVP Records By Al Kaufman Longtime fans of Erin McKeown have watched her evolve from introspective folky, to pop hell raiser, to swinging mama.  While her music has grown and changed, so has she as a person. With each album she has been more and more outspoken in regards to social justice. […]

CD Review: Jay Brannan — In Living Cover; Playing Eddie’s Attic, September 7

Jay Brannan In Living Cover Great Depression Records By Al Kaufman Jan Brannan is not a happy guy. He is a self-described “antisocial misanthrope.” His Christmas song is titled “Christmas Really Sucks.” His record company is called Great Depression Records. He hates dogs, Air Canada, and the Best Buy on 23rd and 6th in Manhattan. […]

CD Review: Bitch — Blasted!: Playing Bellissima, March 23

Bitch Blasted! Short Story Records By Al Kaufman It would be easy to just throw Bitch into the “another Ani DiFranco” category. After all, she’s a political, lesbian singer with a good sense of humor and a militant following. Both singers use alternative tunings and get the most out of their instruments. But DiFranco’s instrument […]

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