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5GB with Bloodshot Bill; playing the EARL tonight, July 11

By Jhoni Jackson If Jerry Lee Lewis were on the up-and-up today, he’d have an intimidating rival in the Montreal-made one-man-show known as Bloodshot Bill. That’s because Bill’s boogie woogie bedrock is just as sturdy—but, unlike Lewis, Bill does it alone. It’s a one-man-show of grit and sweat and punk-bred fury to the beat of […]

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What’s Up Tuesday?

Can you believe that tomorrow is the first day of Feburary??  I don’t think we have had a single day that actually felt like Winter! All I keep thinking is that it is gonna be an insanely hot summer….End the first month of the year right and go out to one of these rad shows. […]

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Live Review: GG King, The Fresh & Onlys, King Khan & the Shrines @ The EARL, March 27

Written by Jhoni Jackson Locally grown from Carbonas seeds, GG King played their raw, punk-inclined tunes as fast as their sound’s general tempo, cramming in as many songs as possible in the allotted time. The whole gang’s serious looks of concentration dominated their presence – until the drummer started making pig noises before the last […]

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