CD Review: nerdkween — Profitandloss; Playing Karvana, January 7

nerdkween Profitandloss Stickfigure Records By Eric Chavez Like the cover itself, everything about nerkween’s music, from the structure to the lyrics, is somewhat of a black swan. Never conforming to, well, any sort of convention, Atlanta-based singer-songwriter Monica Arrington, also known as nerdkween, is back on the scene with her sophomore album. With a semi-strong […]

CD Review: Sorry No Ferrari — Ternary; Playing The Drunken Unicorn, October 23

Sorry No Ferrari Ternary Stickfigure Recordings By Eric Chavez In case you create a band that uses absolutely no lyrics or vocals, period, in your records, there is only one thing to do: create an instrumental album to rock the senses. That is just what Sorry No Ferrari does on their debut full-length LP Ternary. […]

CD Review: All Night Prowling Wolves — Make it Right; Playing The EARL, August 21

All Night Prowling Wolves Make It Right The Gospel of Rhythm Recordings (Stickfigure) By Eileen Tilson Atlanta’s own All Night Prowling Wolves make it no secret that what you see is exactly what you get. An ’80s throw-back punk rock band, who like fast guitars, PBR and causing chaos. They even entitled themselves after a […]

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