Then & Now: Festival Fashion Through The Ages

Then & Now

Music festivals and fashion are like bees and honey, yet oh how times have changed. We’re turning back the clock to see how the music we listen to influences our style, with everything from the 1970’s hippie stage to the 1990’s grunge era. We’re also giving you a glimpse at ATL’s best fashion spots for this summer’s music festivities!

So lets go back…

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We’re taking it back to Woodstock Music Festival, 1969. Hippie culture during this time sparked the boho trend, which as you’ll see later remains the most prominent in festival fashion today. With Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin sounds in the air, the look was relaxed and carefree, much like the souls of those in attendance.

Where can I find it?

Nowadays, you can pretty much find hippie clothing anywhere. However if you really want to go out, we recommend going to to thrift stores! You’ll find the most unique and authentic clothing this way. Here’s a few other places we love!

1. Free People
3. Psycho Sisters
4. Boutique Karma

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The 1970’s gathers a big mix of fashion. While the hippie culture continued to ensue in the 70’s, it also marks the start of the punk scene and mainstream rebellion. Consisting of moto jackets, printed tees, leather boots and roughed up jeans, this is still a popular trend of those who love rock music.

Where can I find it?

1. Bang-On 
2. Junkman’s Daughter
3. Punk Couture
4. Hot Topic

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With pop music on the rise, we’ve got a lot going on here in the 80’s. Transitioning into this era, we begin to see bolder and brighter colors, high-waisted pants, jewelry, and structured tailoring (and we can’t forget the big hair). Madonna also provided a heavy influence during this time, making bold fashion statements at live aid charity concerts.

Where can I find it?

1. Rag-O-Rama
2. Value Village Thrift Store
3. Clothing Warehouse
4. Vintage Weirdo

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It’s grunge time. The 90’s had it’s own take on punk edge, with artists like Pearl Jam and Nirvana inspiring this grunge, almost “I don’t care” look. Plaid rolled back around, sneakers were added and messy hair was pretty much a given. Put on a few baggy clothes, glide on that dark lipstick and you’re good to go.

Where do I find it?

1. America’s Thrift
2. Lucky Exchange
3. Clothing Warehouse
4. Goodwill

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Coming into the 21st century, the cycle seems to come full circle! We see elements of the boho style including floppy hats, fringe, headbands, fun printed patterns and tie dye shirts. Especially within the EDM scene, we also see those bright colors that popped in the 80’s, as well as high-waisted shorts. Overalls from the 90’s have made quite the comeback, as well as baggy, ripped boyfriend style jeans.

Where can I find it?

1. Forever 21
2. TopShop
3. Zumiez
4. Urban Outfitters
5. RedBubble (online)



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