Turntable.fm Next Big Thing?

By Eileen Tilson

If you are a music tech geek like me, than you have probably been hearing about a new fad floating around the internet called Turntable.fm. What is this fancy new site (that is still in beta, and you must already have a friend invited to join)? It’s a browser-based chatroom that streams music based on the choices of a rotating cast of DJs drawn from whoever is in the room. There are up to five DJs at any one time who create playlists; the station cycles through the playlists one song at a time, moving from one DJ’s pick to the next, as the room votes on how “lame” to “awesome” the track is. A (sometimes fast-moving) discussion takes place in a chatroom on the bottom right of the screen. DJs get points for picking popular songs and if enough people think a song is lame, it skips to the next. You can upload songs or search through the Medianet-powered library to create your playlist when it’s your turn to DJ.

What makes this site so hot is the social aspect. Unlike Pandora, this is not a singular event, you are listening with your pals. Music is a social event, and most music fans are looking for that three to five minute escape from their cubicles to engage with others about something they are passionate about. Sure, other sites might allow  you to “share” what you are listening to on you social networking sites, but Turntable.fm is the first music streaming site that actually is offering interaction with your peers to see who the top DJs are.

Is this just a fad? Who knows, however it is new and hot and I guarantee it will begin to consume at least some of  your day.

Watch the video that explains the nuts and bolts about Turntable.fm



  1. Hate to sound like a lazy asshole, but it’s standard procedure to include a click-able link in these types of posts, no?

  2. Just for you, it’s in there. Though, it is just http://www.turntable.fm ; )

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