We Love WildPitch Music Hall! A List of Upcoming Events

WILDPITCH, a new way of experiencing music, has some awesome upcoming events featuring a variety of established and emerging special guests from across the electronic music spectrum! Come dance, explore and create with us as they bring you the best in the Underground!!

August 6th (Saturday) Danny Howells Digs Deeper All Night: Danny is a DJ with a style of his own! He has a unique and eclectic sound, and a passion for all things music.


August 12th (Friday) 10 PM Soulheaven Records Presents MR. V: This summer Soul Heaven will open its doors at DJ Pierres hot new club as part of their exciting summer season. DJ, producer, and remixer MR. V will take you on a journey on the dance floor with his eclectic and spontaneous sound!


August 13th (Saturday) 10 PM) Chus + Ceballos (An Intimate Evening): Chus & Ceballos, a DJ/producer pair from Spain, their DJ sets capture their genuine Iberican character. Chus and Ceballos represent an invaluable legacy of sound, their blend of House and Techno styles is unmatchable!



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