What’s Up Monday?

A_Cartoon_Man_with_His_Head_Spinning_Royalty_Free_Clipart_Picture_100509-137647-604053I tell you what, I am just plain wiped out this morning! I have been living out of a suitcase for the past week, and I think my head is starting to spin! So, like any other crazed person, I am doing what’s best for me tonight and seeing some music of course, I hear it’s good for the soul. Here are some suggestions for tonight:

-It’s Songwriter’s Open Mic Night at Eddie’s Attic! Think you got what it takes? Head on down!

-Gotta love the free shows! Tonight at 529, catch Twins, Feast Of Violet, Brent Anderson, Chris Daresta, Walter Frobos, Ill Poacher, Brainworlds, John Hannah and Drew Haddon.

-Have you been to Elliot Street Pub yet? It’s pretty hipster, and yet awesome at the same time. Tonight they got some music for ya! Sounds From the Underground features jazz and experimental music, including 800 Giants, Darryl Reeves, Kenny Banks, Joel Powell, Kenton Bostick, and special guest Diggs Duke. Doubles as Joel Powell’s birthday bash.


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