What’s Up Thursday?

Happy Thursday!! I am soooo excited because in a few hours I will be getting in my car and heading to Atlanta! Can’t wait to see everyone! And just why am I coming home you ask? Well it just happens to be our very first recommended event for Thursday!

-Tonight at The Buckhead Theater, Blue October will be leading their devoted fans, but MAKE SURE AND GET THERE EARLY, casuse Plain Jane Automobile are opening, and I must say (although I might be biased) they are one of my FAVORITE bands, and should not be missed!

-Oh get your latin flavor on tonight at The Gwinnett Arena, where extra paramedics might need to be called as Enrique Inglesias will be making grown women take their Spanx off.

-I remember listening to Pandora some years ago, and hearing this sweet, soft, but yet oh so powerful voice that literally made me stop in my tracks. That voice was from Alexi Murdoch, who we are all fortunate enough to have a chance to see tonight at Eddie’s Attic.

-After the demise of underground legends Dead Mood in fall 2006, nobody was surprised to hear that founders Fred and Toody Cole had lost little time in starting a new band. See Pierced Arrows tonight at The Earl.

The Honeycutters are the artistic collaboration of singer/songwriter Amanda Anne Platt and guitarist/ producer Peter James. Check them out tonight at Smith’s Olde Bar.


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