What’s Up Tuesday?

Bon Matin Atlanta! So, for better or worse, I judge my day by  the first song that comes on my Sirius XM channel…if it is something like Blink 182, I know I’m in for one of those days. Today, fortunately it was the little ditty above; I hope that it starts your Tuesday out right as well….

Eddie’s Attic is certainly making it’s rounds this week! Tonight, songstresses, Neulore and Audrey Assad will be enchanting their audience.

-After three albums under the name RTX, Jennifer Herrema and her bunch decided to flip the script, to kick open the doors of perception a little bit . Black Bananas are at 529 tonight.

-The Live X series has found a new home in Hooters (obviously a Mike Kee doing…) and they are presenting 90’s rockers, Eve 6, before their show tonight at the Masquerade.


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