What’s Up Wednesday?

Happy Wednesday Atlanta! Today we are continuing the “Why I Love Leila” series…

-Leila has the BEST taste in music, and always supports local acts. She literally knows about bands before everyone else…..PERIOD. And the coolest part, is that Leila isn’t a snob about her musical choices, she just quietly shares and enjoys….

-The ever-so-popular scenester, Sharon Van Etten is back at The Earl tonight to grace us with her Lucinda Williams-ness.

-Who can turn down some good ole’ Bluegrass/Americana? Head over to Eddie’s Attic tonight to see The Rowan Cunningham Band, joining them is Atlanta favorite, Caroline Aiken.

-You know it’s a good time when The Melvins are in town! See them tonight at The Loft.

-Over at The Tabernacle joining indie-poppers, The Frey who will be joined by the lovely Jessie Baylin.

-If you haven’t jammed out to the tunes of Foxy Shazam, then head yourself immediately to the Masquerade.


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