What’s Up Wednesday? June 5th

Happy Hump Day! It’s officially the countdown to the weekend! We’ve got some killer shows happening tonight, including Snowden at the EARL. Check out the video above for his song, “The Beat Comes” off his latest album No One in Control.

Snowden with Sealions @ The EARL

Southern by birth and rearing, northern by political disposition and weather preference, Jordan Jeffares is no stranger to oscillation. In the six years that passed since the release of his band Snowden’s first full-length, Anti-Anti (Jade Tree), Jeffares has shifted his base of operation from Atlanta to Chicago, then back, up to Brooklyn, and then down to Austin. Through all the tumult of relocating, Jeffares has been crafting (and re-crafting) Anti-Anti’s follow-up, ironically titled, given its auteur’s dedication and perseverance, No One in Control. Jeffares has put together the most sonically sophisticated collection of tracks he’s penned and constructed to date—effectively moving beyond influences such as Interpol, The Zombies, and The Clientele to carve a niche of his own in the post punk landscape.

Take a look at our exclusive interview with Snowden!

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John Thrasher with Special Guest, Ryan Hickey @ Eddie’s Attic

John Thrasher was 12 years old when he attended his first concert, performed by one of his main influences, the Dave Matthews Band. It was that same year he bought his first guitar, and discovered what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. In late 2011, Thrasher began penning his debut, seven song EP, “Too Young to Slow Down”. The songs delve into every corner, both dark and bright, of a fulfilling and eventful 28 years. From the upbeat, violin driven, power ballad, “Can’t Get Close to You”, to the softer, contemplative “Where One Life Ends”, Thrasher shows his ability to write lyrics and powerful hooks that capture the vast spectrum of human emotion.

Check out our exclusive interview with John Thrasher!

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Screaming Females with Special Guests @ 529

Screaming Females’ seven years as a band, four full-length albums and 700 globe-spanning live shows has made them difficult to miss. Through it all, the New Brunswick, New Jersey trio have continued to exude a frenetic energy which is built upon the zeitgeist of America’s punk and indie underground yet has always remained forward-looking.

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Spectrecide with Special Guests @ The Drunken Unicorn

Spectrecide is a Funk Metal trio from Atlanta, who after 2 years of hard work sharpening and perfecting their sound are ready to make feet stomp, heads bob and most importantly, booties wiggle with a juicy and thick groove that will have you dancing long after the show is over.

Sounds of Simon and Garfunkel w/ Atlanta Symphony Orchestra @ Chastain Park Amphitheater

Come check out the Simon and Garfunkel Revival Band along with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra! It’s sure to be a good time!



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