What’s Up Wednesday? May 8th

RL GrimeIt’s HUMP DAY Atlanta! We’ve made it half way through the week! Cheers! Now let’s celebrate this wonderful Wednesday with some friends, fun and live music! We’ve got a great variety of shows going on this evening! Maybe your into more electronic-type music? Go check out RL Grime spin tonight at The Basement! OR I’m SURE we have some Johnny Cash lovers out there! Well, tonight’s the night to relive Johnny Cash’s Live from Folsom Prison at Eddie’s Attic! Whichever show you decide to go to, enjoy yourself!


RL Grime @ The Basement at Graveyard Tavern

RL Grime hits The Basement TONIGHT with Speakerfoxxx and Taste Tester! Check out our interview with RL Grime before heading to the show!

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ATL Collective Presents: “Live at Folsom Prison” By Johnny Cash @ Eddie’s Attic

Tonight relive Johnny Cash’s Live from Folsom Prison! Need we list the tracks? Well here’s a few: “Jackson,” “Long Black Veil,” “I Still Miss Someone” and, of course, “Folsom Prison Blues.” If you were at the first raucous affair, you may remember we served flavorless refried beans on ripped pieces of cardboard pulled out of the recycling bin. Yep, that’s how we used to roll. The Collective may have matured a bit since then, but the voltage is just as high and the performances are even more electric. This evening is brought to you again by our friends at Mailchimp, and the very talented (and quite handsome) Eliot Bronson is our curator. In order to relive this album proper, Mr. Bronson has enlisted the powerhouse voices of Death On Two Wheels, Lauren St. Jane, The Skipperdees, and Tyler Lyle.

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Catch 23: Atlanta’s Friendliest Comedy Death Match @ The EARL

Catch 23 is an improvised Comedy Death Match. Three teams of improvisers battle it out in four rounds. They each have 23 minutes to use over the course of the night – no more; no less – with nothing but a 1 minute warning to guide them. Each scene is judged on a ten point scale with five points given by the audience and five by a hell judge.

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Wheeler Brothers @ Smith’s Olde Bar

“Long, Hard Road,” the first song on the Wheeler Brothers’ first album and a title that gives you a pretty good indication of where this Austin, Texas five-piece feels most comfortable. Indeed, although they’re five-time Austin Music Awards winners who’ve never played a hometown gig that hasn’t sold out, the Wheelers view the world as one big stage. Honing a unique roots-music sound PasteMagazine.com has described their music as bringing “a bit of the enthusiasm and flavor of The Arcade Fire into their Texas-tinged Americana” and Carson Daly has called it “…music at its finest. Rock & roll with a bit of twang…”

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Soundgarden @ The Tabernacle

Hailed as grunge innovators, Soundgarden redefined rock music for a generation. In the 80s and 90s, the band’s mesmerising soundscapes and compelling lyrics seduced audiences hungry for originality. Soundgarden’s new album ‘King Animal’, was recorded close to their roots in Seattle and released November 13 2012. Over a year in the making, it promises to continue the musical evolution we anticipate from one of the world’s most groundbreaking bands.

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