Live Review: Dark Dark Dark at The EARL, October 7

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By David Courtright

The music of Minneapolis quintet Dark Dark Dark is easily illuminated by their name itself. Easily categorized as “dark,” or more specifically, moody, down-tempo chamber pop, their music has gained notoriety with its quiet intensity and powerful lyrics. Singer Nona Marie Invie crafts songs of quiet longing, songs that burn slow and don’t ever seem to go out. Songs you spend a winter with and wonder how you ever made out without them.

I’m convinced, and this concert only reinforced that idea, that The EARL has the very best sound for a smaller venue in town. Something about the acoustics of that place really bring to life a band like Dark Dark Dark, whose intricate but spacious songs need just that sound space to really breathe and come to life. And the fact that it’s a bit like a cave certainly don’t hurt the band’s aesthetic. You’re down here in this purgatory with us, and we’re gonna hurt together.

As performers, they really bring their songs to life. Invie seems so nonchalant in person, sitting quietly at the merch table, a lost librarian looking around for the reference section. I spoke to her briefly before the show, asking about the tour, and received polite, but timid answers. But once the show starts, the room belongs to her, to the delicate poetry of her music, to the quiet incantations of her song. Her voice sits like a small bird above the thrumming of the music, of the accordion and occasional clarinet. The crowd swayed along, and became most excited when they played their single “Daydreaming,” which is perhaps their most well-known song of their latest, Wild/Go. A gorgeous set from a band making music out of a very sincere and beautiful place.

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