Q & A with Cusses; Playing Hijacking Music Festival at 529, Saturday, Dec 8

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Cusses, the rock trio out of Savannah, will be joining the ranks of Atlanta bands (and others) at 529 this weekend for Hijacking Music Festival.  Cusses is made up of lead singer Angel Bond, drummer Brian Lackey, and guitarist Bryan Harder.  AMG got a chance to talk with the band before the festival this weekend! Check out our interview below.

Were you ever skeptical about having a female singer for a rock band?
Never, I think there is something to be said about a woman in a band, most of the time its just a bunch of dudes that invade the rock world. We see it as a advantage.

How did you come up with your band name?
The term CUSS comes from the south. As an unwanted person or thing, we thought that fit us perfect.

What has been the best show you have ever played?
Its hard to say.  There are always great moments every time we play. We can’t really answer, because we hope the next show after we are done is the next best show

Traveling around as a band, have you found out anything interesting about each other that you didn’t expect?
Ha, this is a good one. We have all known each other for a long time, so we know way too much info. Angel gets so nervous she gets sick in the bathroom most of the time before we play. As far as Bryan goes we have never heard him pass gas. As far as Brian, he listens to classical music while in traffic, so he doesn’t shoot anybody.

Who would make up your dream team band lineup?
The hijacking music festival seems dreamy enough!!

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