500 Songs For Kids- #450-400 Updates

00_3 500 Songs For Kids Update from Night #2

Songs #450-401 on the Countdown of the 500 GREATEST SING-ALONG SONGS OF ALL TIME!

We only caught the last 20 songs or so, but here’s what we saw:

Highlights from last night that you should be sad you missed (good, bad, and the ugly all incl):

     * #421- Funky Cold Medina by Tone Loc performed by Leadcar Holiday
     * #417- The Best Around by Jose Esposito (From Karate Kid) performed by the Lost Boys
     * #416- Leader of the Pack by the Sangri-Las performed by Algebra
     * #413- Sharp Dressed Man by ZZ Top performed by The Mike Lowry Band
     * #409- Your Cheatin’ Heart by Hank Williams performed by Micheal Lee Miller
     * #408- Don’t You Forget About Me by Simple Lies performed by The Sarah Mac Band
     * #407- Photographby Def Leppard performed by Roxis
     * #406- Would by Alice in Chains performed by Mister Fernando
     * #401- 7 Nation Army by The White Stripes performed by All The Saints
     * #?- Impromptu numbers by people from various bands- some of them were a mess last night, but      still hilarious to watch!

Updates for the rest of the week- what you can expect:
     * Arrested Development will be performing next Saturday!
     * CNN will be doing a special on 500 Songs For Kids Sunday morning (tomorrow)! Don’t miss it!

Don’t miss out the next 8 days! Stay tuned to AMG, your 500 Songs For Kids Headquarters!


Below is the video for #421


  1. Hey!! This is Rick from Leadcar Holiday…Thanks for posting our performance on the site!! It is a real honor!! You can check out our regular music at myspace.com/theleadcar
    Thanks again!! We had a blast!!

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