5GB w/ Manchester Orchestra; Playing Music Midtown, 9/24

By Eileen Tilson

Oh how we love Andy Hull! The disgruntled, ADD-ladden lead singer of Manchester Orchestra, known for his ironic ways will be gracing Music Midtown this year, and he agreed to be a part of our 5GB Music Midtown series happening all week!

What is the the first gig you ever went to?

It was DC Talk and Michael W. Smith at The SkyDome in Toronto, Ontario.

Best gig you have ever played/performed at?

We just played The Tabernacle with Cage the Elephant and sold it out. It was pretty spectacular.

Best gig you’ve ever been to?

Mars Volta at The Tabernacle in 2005.

What is the gig you would most like to play?

I’ve luckily played them all.

If you could put your dream lineup on a gig, who would it be?

Opening up for David Bazan and Kanye West.

For more information about Music Midtown: http://musicmidtown.com/tickets/


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