AMG’s Ones to Watch: Spring Break Edition

By: Taylor Magill

With so many colleges on Spring Break this and next week, I chose to do something different for this week’s edition of AMG’s Ones to Watch. Here’s a round-up of local bands to add to your spring break playlist, hit the beach, and impress your friends with your impeccable music taste.

Misplaced Shoreline


Hailing from Ashburn, Georgia, Misplaced Shoreline is an alternative/post hardcore band made up of brothers, Joel & Jess Gravitt, Lee Taylor, Craig Harper, & Bryant Wilkes. Full of lyrics that reflect the pain of what it is to have lost yourself and your goals, Misplaced Shoreline is a band that everyone can relate to.

Songs to check out: So Much More & These Tides



Milyssa Rose


Milyssa Rose is an Atlanta pop artist with an edge. With a powerful, soulful voice & dynamic range, Milyssa’s album proves to have something for everyone.

Songs to check out: Skating & Wild Ride






Degradations is an Atlanta based southern metal band driven by riffs and lyrics fueled by beer, whiskey, hate, and life. If you love sounds of slow doom that quickly change to fast intensity, Degradations is the band for you to check out.

Songs to check out: Scarecrows & I Hate This Place



Brandon Reeves


Brandon Reeves is a Kennesaw based singer-songwriter with music crossed between the guitar playing of John Hurt and soulful vocals of Sam Cooke. Brandon’s new album, A Decent Melody is out now.

Songs to check out: Dry River Blues & Song About an Irish Girl







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