Atlanta Musician Picked As First Artist On DigSin

By Eileen Tilson

If you happened to have ever been to one of SESAC’s famous “Tempo Tuesdays” hosted by the amazing Capprecio Scates, you may have noticed a funky blond chick who was known for her infectious beats. Jessica Gore aka, “NNXT,” is a rare one-woman electropop powerhouse who arrives on the new music scene with a bang. She sets herself apart from today’s pop princesses and electronic artists with her strong vocals, frisky lyrics and energetic beats.  Her sound is all her own – she writes, produces and records herself in her home studio in Atlanta, GA.

So what exactly is DigSin you wonder? DigSin is the digital singles label that gives all its releases to fans for FREE!  Their first release was the  music video for NNXT’s “DRNK TXTNG”.

Check out where fans can sign up to get free music for life. No strings attached.

NNXT’s debut single “DRNK TXTNG” is the first single made available for free to DigSin subscribers. “DRNK TXTNG” lures listeners in with its edgy lyrics and ultramodern sound, while her second single “Love Superhero” is a striking female empowerment anthem.

But with the tools she needed to write, record and produce music all on her own, NNXT embarked on her own musical journey.  With the encouragement of her peers she released “Shut Your Trapper Keeper” in April of 2011.  In less than 24 hours of the midnight release, it had received over 900 plays and a spin on one of Atlanta’s top radio stations.  Thanks to her relentless self-promotion, in less than two months, NNXT now has almost 2,000 album plays, over 12,000 views on YouTube, and a rapidly emerging loyal fanbase.


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