Big Night Out Atlanta – What To Expect

If you’re not sure what to expect from Atlanta’s return to live music and a ‘socially distanced’ concert, we’ve broken it down for you. Yes, the focus has been on safety and that’s evident everywhere. There’s plenty of room at the bathrooms and throughout the park. There are only 2500 tickets available each night for a venue that’s had tens of thousands at concerts in the past.

But, the focus is also on the fun.

If you’re on the fence about attending Saturday or Sunday night, here are our top 3 reasons to change your mind and encourage you to come on out.

#1 It’s not a pod, it’s your own VIP section.

Big Night Out Atlanta Pod

Every single “pod” is your own VIP section. There’ll be no one stepping on your toes or spilling beer on you. You can leave for the bathroom and come back to the same spot. It’s like having a private table and bottle service at a night club. Use the event app and staff will run drinks to you all night long.

#2 How Is the Atmosphere?

For both you and the bands, it’s amazing. It’s just like it used to be. Live music blasting through the PA, fog machines, stage lights, video screens and everyone having a great time in their own areas spaced out 6 feet away from anyone else. Because of the spacing, the park looks completely full so the band feels great. And they’re excited to play to a live audience. They’ve been off the road for 6 months, so they put on a hell of a show.


Big Night Out Atlanta Atmosphere


#3 Do people stay in their pod?

Okay, let’s stop calling it a pod. Yes. Once you arrive at the event and find your VIP Section, most people stay there the entire time. Yes, you can walk around and go to the bathroom. And there are food trucks and a bar if you miss standing festival lines so badly that you want to go stand in one. But, for most of the time, you’re in your own private, VIP section. The spacing (six feet on either side) means there’s plenty of room to see the stage and never a bad view.


Order Drinks from your Pod



  • Saturday, October 24th: Marcus King Trio and Futurebirds (find tickets)
  • Sunday, October 25th: Big Boi (Outkast) and Friends (find tickets)







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