CD Review: Colleen Green – Sock it to Me Drops Tuesday, March 19th

Review by Ellen Eldridge The Descendents’ influence on Colleen Green extends through fuzzy guitars, growling amps and quietly melodious vocals on her full-length Sock it to Me (3/19 Hardly Art Records). She has been described as “long hair and getting high,” by Joe Bernardi, and if that doesn’t speak to the theme and the undercurrent […]

CD Review: Intronaut – Habitual Levitations Drops Tuesday, March 19th

Review by Ellen Eldridge The word Intronaut makes me think of a spacesuit-clad band destined only to open for bigger bands, spiraling out musically while standing still on stage. After listening to Habitual Levitations, I feel quite certain that Intronaut will break out of its well-earned slot opening for bands including Tool and Meshuggah. Maybe […]

CD Review: Helado Negro – Invisible Life

By Ellen Eldridge Shoe-gazing, dancing alone in a crowd while wearing headphones, mumbling in the rain and dreaming in a foreign language all touch on the feelings contained within the first track on Helado Negro’s Invisible Life. Roberto Carlos Lange fuses synthetic elements and samples with Spanish lyrics. “Lentamente” slowly moves from “Llumina Vos,” which […]

CD Review: Buckcherry – Confessions

Review by Ellen Eldridge Fans on the bus with Buckcherry know the band for its rock appeal; the down and dirty life one would expect from a fast-soloing, hard living group of guys. And I may have always been running behind the bus unsure if I wanted on or not. I’ve seen Buckcherry open for […]

CD Review: Big Wreck – Albatross

Review by Ellen Eldridge   A thick band of power chords grinds out early in the opening track, “Head Together,” on Big Wreck’s Albatross, effectively introducing the band’s first new album in ten years. For fans unfamiliar with Big Wreck, comparisons to Soundgarden and Led Zeppelin are fair considering Nick Raskulinecz (Foo Fighters, Rush, Alice […]

CD Review: Atlas Genius – When it was Now

Review by Ellen Eldridge Atlas Genius managed to do what almost every band wants to do and what very few achieve: buzz. Before the release of the band’s debut full-length, with only an EP, Atlas Genius generated quite a bit of well-deserved buzz. “Like an invitation you weren’t expecting to get, Atlas Genius knocks on […]

CD Review: Sandra McCraken – Desire Like Dynamite, Releases 2/14

By Ellen Eldridge Like watercolor mixed with wine, Sandra McCracken’s smooth voice resonates like an artist’s paintbrush pulling color through grey on a canvas. “Fire cannot burn the same place twice,” in the first track’s chorus confirms that sensory detail introduces and collates the songs on Desire Like Dynamic. “Go” is one of three sneak […]

CD Review: Pissed Jeans – Honeys

By Ellen Eldridge Punk rock and glam metal drove two divergent paths into the forest of music, so, when I hear about a band with a name like Pissed Jeans coming out of Allentown, Pennsylvania, with ‘80s hardcore punk influences I wonder if this is a group of basement dwelling geeks or a project to […]

CD Review: Lost Animal – Ex Tropical

Review by Ellen Eldridge Getting lost is one of the most attractive aspects of music. Concept albums and stacked up songs that let you lose and then find yourself layer by layer aid in catharsis as much as in solidifying an identity. Who would we be without those songs that sealed our first kisses and […]

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