CD Review: Lazer/Wulf, “There Was A Hole” EP

There Was A Hole Here, It’s Gone Now

By Stephanie Roman (

In my research prior to hearing Lazer/Wulf for the first time, I read a bio that described the band as “an evil funk group with thrash roots, or an aggro jazz trio with sludge issues,” cringed a bit, and edged the volume down on my speakers.

In short, I was totally unprepared to experience something beautiful.

Lazer/Wulf formed in Athens and later moved to Atlanta after the departure of their vocalist, who left the band due to a vocal cord injury. The remaining three members explore symphonic metal with their latest EP, There Was A Hole Here, It’s Gone Now.

While the four tracks could stand alone, they definitely work best when presented in the complete 12-minute session. Drawing from prog rock and classical influences, the gathering storm that becomes the frenzied symphony, “We Will Meet Again,” is the perfect introduction to the talent that Lazer/Wulf has to offer. Distorted vocals, glittering electronic notes, and call-and-answer interplay between drums, bass, and guitar work together to define the dark territory ahead. Thrashing guitars make way for a creepy little Tim Burton break in “From the Second Floor.” A bonus track called “It’s Gone Now” is available only on the cassette and vinyl formats. If the band followed a more traditional style, they could reach the commercial acclaim of early Muse gems like “Stockholm Syndrome.” But Lazer/Wulf defies definition and follows their own muse for now.

Lazer/Wulf’s EP, There Was A Hole, will be available April 24 in vinyl, cassette and downloadable formats from


  1. The cover is amazing…it looks 3D.
    Who did they use for their artwork?

  2. Steve: thanks so much, man! We’re independent as of now, so we’ve been doing most things ourselves; the art was done by our guitarist, Bryan. You should see the full spread of the vinyl. It’s totally rad.

    Pick it up here:

    Oh, and thanks for the kind words, Ms. Roman!


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