AMG Interviews The Tontons at Hangout Music Fest

We had an AMG correspondent at Hangout Music Fest this year, and in between sets we were able to sit down and chat with The Tontons before they took the stage. Here’s what the band had to say about influences, crotch-thrusting and the impending apocalypse.

What artist(s) has had a big hand in developing your sound?

That’s a hard one because every couple months we cycle through a bunch of random music ranging all over. One month we were into ELO hardcore, we were into Ariel Pink for a long time, Chris Cohen, Dirty Projectors. We are a big fan of Twin Sister also.

How do you guys connect with a crowd when you’re playing a show?

A lot of crotch thrusting – Honestly, on stage our performance is very theatrical and a lot of people vibe with that.

What has been your most memorable gig so far?

I feel like it might be this one after we play it. We’ve been at the artist lounge for a while now.

What’s the craziest or kindest thing a fan has done for you guys so far?

This guy sent us an email from Brazil telling us how much he loved our music. It was really sweet that he found us and knew all the songs. He genuinely wanted to let us know how much he liked our music.

What song are you guys most proud of? If so, why?

We are writing a new record now so we have been writing a ton of new songs and every time we write a new one we think that songs really cool. I don’t think we could be satisfied with just one favorite song.

Do you guys have any pre-show rituals?

We try not to get too drunk.

How’d y’all meet?

The music scene in Houston. We all met at Guitar Center.

Big thank to the Tontons for chatting with us! Check them out!



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