Is Social Media Really Making You Fans?

By Eileen Tilson

There was a fascinating article in Hypebot today, that really nailed the reason why social media can actually be hurting your ability to get fans. Over the past week, Google+ has been all the rage, being called the “Facebook-killer” and even a “Twitter replacement,” but is it really? And now the music marketing blogs and articles are flowing, and again everyone is scrambling  to discover a new cool way to turn the spotlight on themselves. However, with all the noise, I can’t help but to wonder, are you hurting yourself and you band’s chance of actually getting real fan love? Every single day, my email gets flooded with press releases from folks who could not even pick me out of a police lineup asking for coverage, and yet about 50% of the time, they are not even playing in Atlanta. Doesn’t this seem a little squirrelly?

Social media is an amazing tool to use for engaging with fans, but if everyday you are plugging your shows, asking a fan to do something for you, etc., don’t you think that seems a bit excessive? Here’s some of the article:

We already have a killer social network in Facebook that is so ingrained in the web, why would I want to start over? Then I started seeing articles pop up about “music marketing with Google+” and I started banging my fucking ahead against the wall.

Why so angry, you say? Well because it’s dumb shit like this that has musicians running around in circles. Everyone is a “guru” and wants to write all these articles about how “Google+ is the next big thing you better jump on it” without really teaching anyone what the point of it is. Guess what – it’s just a social network. If you just sign up for it and not use the dam thing, and use it properly, it’s not going to do a damn thing for you.

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