Local Spotlight: Sarah Michaud “More Than Ordinary” EP Review

Sarah Michaud's "More Than Ordinary"

Written By: Patrick Moffett

The tried-and-true story of love: from the elated highs down to the devastating heartbreaks and the customary torching of past memories, it will never retire from the songwriting world. Love songs are invariably there for us, from a tear-soaked crutch and the indignant middle finger, to the celebration of true love and validation of its existence. It’s truly a thing of beauty when an artist takes those feelings you have, the ones that are too passionate to just be monotonously spoken, and expresses them perfectly. Sarah Michaud achieves this on every facet with her debut EP, “More Than Ordinary”.

Michaud blends indie pop/alternative arrangements with soulful guitar and delicate piano riffs accompanied by compelling vocal melodies. “More Than Ordinary” paints an intricate lyrical picture of raw emotion without distracting from each songs’ message. This makes each song very relatable and congenial for any listener. “Missin’ With Me” kicks off the EP strong with contagious hooks and toe-tapping musicality. The strong piano chords are melded with upbeat guitar riffs that have a John Mayer style to them. Switching gears, “Hypnosis” carries a more powerful tone with a rich chorus and a complex rhythm, describing an insatiable desire for someone. Rounding off the tracklist is “What the Moon Will Do”. The imagery Michaud uses to depict the internal conflict of having a crush on a best friend is impeccable. “Is it the gravitational pull?/ I don’t know/ I don’t really care/ As long as it pulls us closer together now/ Until our worlds collide/ And can you be my satellite?”… a perfect example of the celestial scene she sets throughout the song, followed by a firm spoken confessional for an awesome resolution.

Sarah Michaud is truly an unbelievable songwriter with an opportunity to grow exponentially. “More Than Ordinary” really sets the bar high with her incredible passion and emotion. This EP only reinforces my anticipation of more great things to come from this girl.

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