Preview: KEEP ON MOVIN! Dance Party at The Basement, Saturday Dec. 15

The duo behind the dance party, Jacob Jones and Reno Bo, have brought their signature moves down to Atlanta following their success in Nashville. This Saturday at The Basement, join the boys of Electric Western Records as they host another KEEP ON MOVIN! party to get your legs shakin’ and your toes tappin’. I’ve been a guest at one too many of their parties and let me tell you, don’t plan on sitting down. The hits just keep coming and you’ll find yourself saying over and over again “I love this song!”

I had the pleasure of talking with Jones about KEEP ON MOVIN!, and what brought them to Atlanta. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll make sure to mark your calendar for Saturday at The Basement and find them on Facebook to get all the details about their upcoming events (including their New Year’s Eve party!)

How did you and Reno get started working together? What brought you to begin the Monday night dance party, and how long has it been going on in Nashville?

Reno and I met in New York City back in 2005 and have been close friends ever since. I moved to Nashville in 2007 and he moved a year later, it seemed natural to work together on our ideas. The Monday night version of KEEP ON MOVIN! started in September of ’08, basically because The 5 Spot was tired of booking bands on Monday nights that never drew a crowd. I convinced the owners to let me curate the night and 3 months later it was packed. We have literally had more and more people from all over town come out as the years have gone by, and it’s actually bigger now than ever.

When the Nashville party became so successful (the feature in GQ, etc.) – were you pressured to take it to another level, or was it a natural reaction to make it bigger and better?

We didn’t feel any pressure really, it just seemed like the right time to expand it. The promoter at The Basement, Chuck, is one of my longest friends, all the way back to middle school. He brought the owners to Nashville to see what our Monday looked like and we booked it immediately. I can already see the Atlanta monthly parties growing the way I watched Nashville do it.

What made you make the move to Atlanta, and how has the response been there? Do you think you’ll continue to take it to other cities? What’s the future of the Keep on Movin’ party scene?

We might take it to more cities when the time is right. Right now we do several big one off parties in Nashville and this year we are doing NYE in both Nashville and Atlanta. If the right club in the right city wants to do it and we feel it can grow there, I’m sure we would look into it. Atlanta was just the first natural step both geographically and because we knew The Basement was perfect for the party.

Don’t miss KEEP ON MOVIN! Saturday, December 15th at The Basement!


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