Amplify Decatur: Concerts Combating Poverty

Amplify Decatur: Concerts Combating Poverty

Did you know that families make up 40% of the homeless in DeKalb county? Sadly, it’s true. That’s why its the mission of Amplify concerts to leverage the universal love of music to raise money and awareness for excellent charities fighting poverty at the local level. Amplify concerts strive to end homelessness and poverty by drawing […]

What’s Up Wednesday?

I woke up in a really good mood this morning, regardless of the fact that my little pup, Penny-Pie, stayed up most of the night howling at the thunder…It’s going to be one of those days where I get a lot done, I just know it! I am in Nashville, and am stoked to see […]

CD Review: The District Attorneys — Slowburner; Playing The EARL, April 14

The District Attorneys Slowburner This Is American Music By Justin Lyons The District Attorneys’ Slowburner would be easy to describe as southern rock reminiscent of The Drive-By Truckers.  Much like The Drive-By Truckers, the quintet hails from Athens, but their debut album is more akin to the diverse stylings of My Morning Jacket and Band […]

New Single From The District Attorneys!

The boys in The District Attorney’s have been a busy lot! Today they are releasing the first single off their latest album Slowburner, which comes out  April 24th via This Is American Music (Glossary, Bohannons, Lauderdale). The DAs will be opening for Moon Taxi and Apache Relay Friday Feb. 24th at the Masquerade and they are giving […]

CD Review: The District Attorneys — Waiting on the Calm Down: The Basement Sessions EP; Playing Masquerade, November 4

The District Attorneys Waiting on the Calm Down: The Basement Sessions EP Self-Released By Eric Chavez To serve as a bridge between the gap of material for the band, The District Attorneys have released an EP of new material for their fans. The Calm Down: The Basement Sessions EP may be only a small batch […]

AMG Weekend Picks: 500 Songs for Kids, Mike Herrera, Peter Bjorn and John and More!

Happy Almost-Weekend y’all! We hope you are all alright after those scary storms last night. Looks like the majority of us were unaffected, but we encourage you to donate or help how they can when it comes to our neighbors, whether they be in Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina or anywhere. Give what you can folks! […]