What’s Up Wednesday?

Every morning I wake up and get excited to think about what exciting music news to share with my fellow Atlantans, and this morning, just to start your Wednesday off right, here is a little tribute to one of my most favorite bands, Elbow, who are playing Center Stage on Sept. 20. Tickets are going fast, so stock up! Now back to your regularly scheduled program:

-It will be like a regular ol’ Disneyland at The Tabernacle for the next two nights, but these mice might be on drugs. Deadmau5 will be performing his electro spectacle with Tommy Lee and DJ Aero.

-Southern rockers, Ninja Gun, will be rocking out at The Earl with Tornado Town and Ben Trickey.

-If you happen to be walking by the Star Bar tonight, you might think you are hearing the reincarnation of some old school snarky British punk band, but alas it is Seattle punkettes, the Cute Lepers, who might be spitting with The Biters and Something Fierce.

-Local soulsters the Ruby Velle Trio, are at Eddie’s Attic, with Hill Roberts & Naked Monkey.

The Park Tavern is doing something very near and dear to my heart; every Wednesday through Nov. 9, they are hosting “Americana in the Park.” The series kicks off tonight with local jammers Parker Smith and the Bandwith.


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