What’s Up Tuesday?

[ 0 ] August 28, 2012 |

My goodness, do ever feel like you are just continually fighting an uphill battle? Thank goodness there is music to make all the world so much better. Do yourself a favor tonight and go catch one of these amazing shows tonight.

HULL is doom and dark, and everything that is wrong in the world, sounds fun huh? Catch them tonight at the 529.

Joycsout is a collective of musicians focused around Emily Kate Boyd, Nicki Thrailkill & Jesse Tyler, they are joined by young musical geniuses, von Grey tonight at Eddie’s Attic.

-Over at Smith’s Olde Bar tonight you can catch White-Winged Dove, Jacob Stiefel & The Truth.

-For fans of sullen, heartfelt tunes, Jimmy Gnecco and his band OURS will surely be playing to a packed out house tonight at The Earl.

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